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antfarm interactive article in Media Magazine

Media MagazineMichael Koziol, executive vice president- North America at nurun/ant farm interactive has written an article for the March issue of Media Magazine titled, “Engagement: making the Most of Mobile.” The article does an excellent job of framing the research and direction of MTG's relationship with antfarm. Michael highlights two points in particular that I think are principle:

Market at the point of need. Consumers’ information needs are situational, locational, and circumstantial - all of which can be planned. But plans often change. Preparing information in advance for all possible scenarios isn’t practical.

Make the real world interactive. Mobile devices live in the real world, playing a role in physical settings and situations. An important mobile marketing strategy is to help people use mobile devices to deepen real-world experiences. Camera phones as scanners or readers, GPS technologies, and pervasive gaming are three ways mobile devices help people make the real world interactive.

posted on Apr 19th 10:41:28 AM by Dakota Brown
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MTG Announces PictoHunt!

iPhoneGeorgia Tech's Mobile Technology Group (MTG) Announces PictoHunt!

PictoHunt is a location-based game played on the Nintendo DS. Utilizing the Nintendo DS' WiFi capabilities, PictoHunt determines the players position via WiFi Triangulation. If the player is in a PictoHunt-enabled position, a photo is displayed on the DS' touch screen. The player compares the picture on his or her Nintendo DS to the environment that they are in. When they find a significant difference, they simply tap the inconsistent spot on their DS screen. There are three to five inconsistencies per picture.

Although a simply photo-hunt game, PictoHunt illustrates the MTG's research trajectory for locative gaming on devices such as the Nintendo DS. The goal is to construct gameplay that is meaningfully woven into a locative context rather than present gameplay that simply exploits unique physical location through weak metaphor.

PictoHunt will be debuted at the 2007 Living Game Worlds Symposium at the Georgia Institute of Technology on Thursday, March 29 2007.

posted on Mar 9th 01:00:27 AM by Dakota Brown
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MTG Members Present Sequencer 404 at Atlanta Dorkbot

Sequencer404 is a collaborative, networked music system that has evolved from a touch-tone voice connection based system to a fully networked java system. The goals of Sequencer404 are to provide a simple, novel, and fun interface that enables users geographically far from each other to collaborate in musical creation, and to enable users to create content anywhere they please, with the minimum of equipment. It will be presented by MTG members David Jimison and Travis Thatcher, as well as alumn John Goetzinger.

posted on Oct 11th 10:13:19 AM by David Jimison
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MTG's Partnership with Nurun Ant Farm featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Atlanta Journal ConstitutionThe Mobile Technology Group's teaming with Nurun Ant Farm was featured in the september 28, 2006 edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The article highlights the unique coupling of a cutting edge interactive agency with a cutting edge research group.

The article can be read here (free registration required).

posted on Oct 3rd 11:31:25 AM by Dakota Brown
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Footage of Pervasive Minesweeper in CBS News Report

CBS NewsFootage of Dakota Brown's Pervasive Minesweeper was used in a CBS News Report on the 2006 Come Out & Play festival. According to the accompanying article, an estimated 800 to 1000 people participated in the big games festival that took place September 22-24 in New York City.

The article and video may be found here.

posted on Oct 3rd 11:29:23 AM by Dakota Brown
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MTG's Shiva Jaini wins MotoFwrd's First Runner Up

Shiva Jaini has been selected as First Runner Up in the MotoFwrd India Competition. His entry “Vision for a Seamless Future” depicts the concept of a seamless future with a visualization of the changes in the daily life of a student that are made possible with seamless mobility.

posted on Sep 25th 11:12:06 AM by David Jimison
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STORYlineThe MTG will be highlighted in the September 16, 2006 episode of TBS' STORYline. The segment featuring MTG focuses on how researchers are pushing the boundaries of technology to develop the next generation of games. STORYline airs at 9am EST.

posted on Sep 15th 10:28:08 AM by Dakota Brown
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Pervasive Minesweeper featured in Come Out & Play

Pervasive Minesweeper Dakota Reese Brown's Pervasive Minesweeper is to be featured as part of the Come Out & Play Festival running in New York City September 22-24, 2006.

Pervasive Minesweeper takes the classic videogame Minesweeper to the streets! Teams of four individuals race against each other to complete traditional Minesweeper puzzles played out across a 4-square block urban area.

If you are going to be attending the festival, you can sign-up to play Pervasive Minesweeper here.

posted on Sep 9th 12:39:07 AM by Dakota Brown
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Interactive DJ Set presented by Mobile Technology Group and Music Technology Labs

Georgia Tech's Mobile Technology Group and Music Technology Labs proudly present an evening of interactive performance on Friday, May 19th 2006 at Primal Pi. The set begins at 7pm. The set will feature a collaboration between John Goetzinger's "Remote Cameraman" and Travis Thatcher's "Cell Sampler."

"Cell Sampler" allows audience members to sample anything they wish with their cellphones and then makes that audio available to the DJs on stage for live mixing.

Using "Remote Cameraman" audience members can control an onstage video feed through their cellphones. A camera is mounted on a robotic arm, and through cellphone input, users choose the angle and view of the performers/audience that will be displayed on a video screen.

posted on Apr 26th 02:29:05 PM by Dakota Brown
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David Jimison presents @ Third International Mobile Music Workshop

David Jimison presented Sequencer404: A Networked Telephonic Composer to the Third International Mobile Music Workshop. Created with John Goetzinger and Travis Thatcher, Sequencer404 allows users to remotely collaborate on composing music through their phone.

posted on Mar 4th 03:45:49 PM by Dakota Brown
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