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Networked Applications: CarFinder

CarFinder In CarFinder, special Sema-Codes are embedded with information and placed on a car. By taking a picture with their camera phone, and uploading it to the CarFinder website, the user can receive customized information about that specific car.

Networked Applications: Citizen Dispatch

Citizen Dispatch is a software application for soliciting and organizing media (photos, audio, video, etc.) from the general populace for news agencies. News editors add requests for content, which are accessible via mobile phone based on the user's current location. The system handles all archiving and tagging, enabling seamless integration into the publication and media library.

Networked Applications: InterVis Phone Interface

DTMF Juke Box The InterVis Phone Interface is a program that allows applications to use cellular telephones as controllers without forcing the user to download software to their phone. Using DTMF and other audio cues users can interact with remote programs.

One implementaion of the InterVis Phone Interface was a DTMF Juke Box. Utilizing a shared public display, users could call in using their mobile phone and simply enter a number corresponding to the song that they wished to add to the current playlist. Ideal usage scenarios include coffee shops, bars, and other public social areas.

Networked Applications: Telegotchi

Telegotchi is an electronic pet based game for your mobile device. However, unlike tradition e-pet games, the emotional state of your pet is linked to the physiological state of other players. There are two types of players in this game, "Pets" and "Adopters".

Pets wear a small, wireless sensor that measure physical/physiological responses and have a corresponding e-pet persona. Adopters are the caregivers for the e-pets. An e-pet personality is based on the stress and activity levels of the corresponding pet player.

Adopters can interact with their e-pet in one of two ways: (1) SMS with the pet player directly; (2) interact with e-pet within your mobile device (allowing the pet player to influence the e-pet persona, but not be directly involved in the adopters game). Adopters should play with their e-pet when it is bored, tell the e-pet jokes when it is sad, and take the e-pet for walks when it is feeling lazy. At the end of the day, adopters can rate how they like their e-pet, and have the option to exchange them for a new e-pet. Likewise, interactive pets can rate their owner and have the option to stay with them or run away. Thus, players can compete to be the most loved pet and/or adopter.