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Mobile Imaging: IHeartArt

IHeartArtIHeartArt is a website, mobile site, and a web service for sharing pictures of art found both in public spaces and in private galleries or museums. Users upload images from their phone through email, add commentary, and tag and categorize images. This process enables discussion about art to occur through the photographs people take and the comments they make.

Visit IHeartArt.

Mobile Imaging: Mobile Synchronized Image Capture

Mobile Synchronized Image Capture MSIC (Mobile Synchronized Image Capture) is a prototype system that allows users to select a specific time that picture will be taken in order to synchronicize image capture and automatically uplod images to a server.

There are two generic senarios of use for MSIC. The first is where all the users are in the same location when the pictures are taken. If this location was a stadium/sports event, the product of the MSIC would be assembled into a panoramic, almost "bullet-time-ish" image.

The second general senario is where all MSIC users are in different locations. In this senario rather thn having users take pictures from multiple angles of a shared event, user could be asked to take pictures surrounding an established theme in their unique locales.

Mobile Imaging: Picollage

PicollagePicollage is a tool for making collaborative photo art with a cameraphone. The first user is presented with a rectangle divided into six squares. The first square is highlighted with a green border. The rectangle shows the view from the camera.

When the shutter is pressed, the phone takes a picture of the contents of the highlighted square, and sends this image to the next user. This person sees the image the first user took, and now must fill in the second square. This proceeds until all squares have been filled, at which point each user gets back a copy of the final image.

Mobile Imaging: Pixelation

PixelationPixelation is similar to the parlor game Telephone, where an original sentence is whispered around a circle of friends and radically changes its meaning over time.

The difference is, with Pixelation, you're taking pictures with your cell phone, and sending them across a continent to create something similar to visual Jazz.