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About the Mobile Technologies Group


The Mobile Technologies Group (MTG) at Georgia Institute of Technology is a research group and project studio focused on exploring the social impact of current and next- generation mobile technologies. As mobile and wireless devices become ubiquitous elements within our everyday lives, we seek to actively understand, challenge, and advance new and experimental applications for these technologies.

Latest News from the MTG Media MagazineMichael Koziol, executive vice president- North America at nurun/ant farm interactive has written an article for the March issue of Media Magazine titled, "Engagement: making the Most of Mobile." The article does an excellent job of framing the research and direction of MTG's relationship with antfarm. Michael highlights two points in particular that I think are principle:

Market at the point of need. Consumers? information needs are situational, locational, and circumstantial - all of which can be planned. But plans often change. Preparing information in advance for all possible scenarios isn?t practical.

Make the real world interactive. Mobile devices live in the real world, playing a role in physical settings and situations. An important mobile marketing strategy is to help people use mobile devices to deepen real-world experiences. Camera phones as scanners or readers, GPS technologies, and pervasive gaming are three ways mobile devices help people make the real world interactive.